CB 3136


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Brand: Coolbell
Model No: CB-3136
Size: 15.6″
Type: Backpack
Material: Polyester Fabrics

Coolbell CB 3136 laptop backpack made of Polyester fabric is very thick, durable, waterproof, scratch resistant. Inside are lightweight plastic layers.

Size 47, wide 31, 15 cm thick, weighs 800g.

Sturdy, sturdy design with thick padding. The back and the strap with vent holes help prevent fatigue and cool when worn.

Backpack has to prevent laptop with thick padding shock, can fit 15.6-inch laptop.

Backpacks have lots of compartments. The front has 2 small zipper compartments. In addition, the product also has 2 large compartments (including 1 laptop compartment) and 3 small compartments.

Solid design, fashionable, modern and dynamic design.

Suitable products when working, traveling, going to school.