CB 5503


Brand: Coolbell
Model No: CB-5503
Size: 15.6″
Type: Convertible Backpack or Briefcase
Material: Canvas

CB 5503 is a multi-style product, you can use the product CB 5503 as a backpack or a briefcase. The product has a strap hanger worn entirely in a compartment behind the back.In addition, the CB 5503 design is combined with details of umbrellas and stainless steel alloys to create individuality and strength.CB5503 with 3 main compartments: one main compartment in the middle and two compartments for the outside compartment.The two compartments are divided into 4 compartments, which are designed to be very comfortable to arrange the items you want to carry.If you are going to have short business trips, this CB5503 is a product suitable for you.The CB 5503 is equipped with a USB port for the convenience of a USB port.The usb port is located on the outside of the back of the charger connected to a charger on the inside to incorporate a spare battery and charge the phone.This feature is very suitable when you are sitting in the office with no power outlet, go out and make it convenient for you to move.You can easily put the phone in your pants pocket while still charging.CB 5503 This product is made from high quality canvas material that can slip water, dust retention, high durability and absolutely no wrinkles.The thread of this balo is very thick.From there you can rest assured when using.