Brand: Coolbell
Model No: CB-8003
Size: 15.6″
Type: 360 Backpack
Material: High quality water-resistant and dust-proof fabric

CB 8003 is a laptop backpack with the most unique design 2017. This model is designed with a large compartment with locking path through 360 degrees.
That way you can spread out your backpack and arrange your things neatly and tidy.
At the same time, the lock head is hidden inside so it ensures absolute anti-theft for you when moving.
CB 8003 is designed with many small compartments, you can hold many kinds of items with different sizes from wallets, phones, charger, employee cards, student cards, to headsets, items.
Used for learning, such as pens, books, notebooks … Moreover, the strap is equipped with convenient glass compartment.
At the same time CB 8003 is specialized for travel because they have modern luggage straps.
CB 8003 has a separate laptop compartment designed outside. The inside is equipped with a thick anti-shock layer to ensure absolute safety for your laptop.
Similar to recent smart backpacks , the CB 8003 model also has an internal USB cord, so you can easily put the phone in your pocket and still have a battery charger.
This feature is very convenient for those who have to travel a lot on the road and use the phone frequently.

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